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     Gansu delitai Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is a fire, earthquake, factories, mines and other industries of emergency rescue equipment sales company agent. Formerly Electronics delitai Lanzhou Electric Co., Ltd., located in the beautiful banks of the Yellow River in Lanzhou City, Gansu Province. Since its inception, through unremitting efforts of all staff, both at home and abroad continue to rescue personnel and major manufacturers to carry out technological exchanges and cooperation. Select a number of excellent products, such as cost-effective Schmitz, Germany; Germany Dardari,the Netherlands Rescue Technology, Sweden, Husqvarna, Germany LUKASS, Matt French Treasury, Tianjin strongly, Germany Granville special, German Pool Asia, the United States life, JAPAN orgura, England INMARSAT, the United States TAC, and other international or domestic well-known brands as agent. Accord..
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